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No, it’s not a new baby, ha! (I wish)

I have a different kind of baby, something that’s been growing for about a year and a half now. Quietly, bubbling up as an idea, then overflowing with heated energy where I find myself waking up at 4am in the morning to work on it. Something that really lights a fire within me, that I am truly passionate about.

This will be my last post to Tiny Tow Heads, I’m shutting it down. It served its purpose well, and has been the stepping stone for what is coming next. Putting words to paper in this little blog helped me realize where my passion lies, and where I should pivot in my life going forward.

I started this blog right before I did an IVF round that I was sure that would work, we were expecting a little girl. A dream come true, I was certain she would be a blondie just like my son, so I named the blog Tiny Tow Heads, (plural), well, she didn’t make it to this world. And neither did her sister, and two others that we don’t know the gender of. And the pain of this last year and a half has been tremendous.

I was kind of relieved when scrolling through social media this last New Year’s Eve and reading through everyone’s updates on how their 2018 was. It seems like most of you didn’t have a great 2018, and you were ready for 2019 to be better. Of course I don’t wish a hard year on anyone, but it’s kind of comforting when you feel like you’re not alone in your pain. Other people are going through hard stuff too.

It was in the middle of my pain that I read an inspiring book called “Freefall to Fly” by Rebekah Lyons, and she said the secret to finding your true passion and calling in life is to discover the place where your natural gifts and your greatest pain align.

And I found that all right. And I’m running with it, and haven’t looked back.

I’m so excited to introduce you all to what that is, because it really helps the pain I have been through feel worth it (well, kind of, but not completely). 

So keep an eye out, I’ll be doing the big announcement soon, and there is much more to come!

Much Love,

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My sister says I have to write about happy things for awhile. She says my blog is too heavy.

Well, sis, I’ve been thinking about what you said, and I was going to do it, but then life happened. And sometimes it’s just gets so incredibly messy. It’s just one thing after another and you feel like you just can’t get a breath of air.

It just didn’t feel right to write up a few happy, fluffy blog posts to keep the atmosphere light when that didn’t reflect what was truly going on in my life, so I’m going to just dive in and tell you what happened next. The real deal.

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sunnies | tank | pants | birkenstocks

I just got back on the mat and if felt AMAZING.

I know Instagram photos may seem to tell a different story, but these last few months, (I guess year, actually), have been super challenging for myself and my family.

One big reason is that I have undergone two unexpected surgeries within the span of  four months time. When I look back through my pictures I see how flowing maxi dresses can easily cover the scars and swelling. No one would know, unless I shared of course. I think it’s important to share because it could help others who may end up on a similar journey.

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If you are having trouble achieving pregnancy, one of the first things an alternative doctor, such as a naturopathic doctor or fertility acupuncturist, will ask you to do is to alter your diet to cut out gluten and dairy, and up your intake of dark, leafy greens.

I know there is a lot of “eye-rolling” out there when it comes to claiming that you can’t eat gluten, but the truth of it is, gluten is very inflammatory in the body, and even if you don’t have celiac disease, you may have a predisposition toward auto-immune diseases already present in your body manifested in your genes. And eating gluten + autoimmune disease is NOT a good combination.

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I have some really inspiring friends.

I learn so much from them — especially by watching how they handle the curve balls life that can throw our way. One thing they have taught me — and demonstrated by their actions — is the importance of practicing gratefulness, and the ability to turn even extremely difficult circumstances into something good.

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It was hard work transitioning Cal to preschool this past Fall. It’s such a lovely little play school. The teachers are gently and kind, the room is full of fun toys and he gets to play with water, play dough, sand, dirt — everything a kid could want. But he cried and clung to me and didn’t want to let me drop him off and leave.

This was not one of the parts of parenting I had given much thought to. My heart felt like it was breaking watching him sob and cling to me. It hurt me so much — I would sit at my desk at work with my stomach in knots asking myself if I am doing the right thing.

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I love my crew of girl friends, they are smart, funny, loyal, and sharp as hawks — and they totally called me out about my instagram posts looking altogether too pretty.

You see, they know the state of my kitchen, and no, it’s not perfectly picked up and organized and shining. They know the state of my house, God love them, and they KNOW I picked things up in that one little corner of the house before that photo was snapped. So that little square frame that you see on instagram looks effortless, but really it was me rushing around sweating and pushing toys and dishes and who knows what else to the side, to get that one pretty little shot.


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I don’t know how things are going for the rest of you are with your grand plans of getting your toddler to sleep in their own room at night, but my plans are basically NOT working at all. In all honesty, I guess I haven’t put much effort into the transition because, well, I don’t know if he will be my last baby and so why should I be in a hurry to kick him out of our bedroom?

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