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Baking cookies for Santa


Cal is now at the age where he totally gets what this Christmas thing is all about and it’s SO fun to see the magic through his eyes. I, on the other hand, feel the pressure to figure out what is going to be OUR family holiday traditions going forward, now that he can really understand and remember this stuff.

My parents never told us about Santa Clause because they said they didn’t want us to feel like they had lied to us. I was the type of kid that would have LOVED a few harmless lies, especially one as golden as a bearded jolly man bringing presents down chimneys. I was more upset that I wasn’t lied to about Santa! It felt like I missed out on going to the Prom or something, (which actually did happen, but that’s a story for another day). 🙂


  apron |  kitchen helper |  bowl set (similar)

My husband was raised being told about Santa, and he, and the rest of the 74.2 million kids, seemed to have turned out okay, so we are jumping in with both feet with Cal.

It’s funny, I have to ask Brent the “Santa rules” like how one knows which presents should be labeled from “Mom and Dad” and which ones should be from “Santa.” I am told all special requests are from Santa, and Mom and Dad get the others. That kind of seems backwards to me so please share if you do things differently!


I also grew up with no stockings, advent calendar, or Elf on the Shelf, so I developed a bit of an obsession for stockings now — even our cat has her own. What does one usually put in a stocking? Is it just small items that you would usually just wrap and put under the tree that you now shove in the sock? No one gives apples and oranges anymore, right?

The Elf on the Shelf game is the one I am legitimately hesitating on jumping in on. That ones seems like a WHOLE LOTTA work. So you have to hide it in a new place every morning for the whole month of December? I guess I should be googling these things, as this is what I spend my time thinking about.

Merry Christmas Y’all! And to all a good night!

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  apron |  kitchen helper |  bowl set (similar)

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