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How we spent New Year’s Eve


Happy New Year! Here we are last night all bundled up on the sand, near the ocean that’s about one mile from where we live. It was one of those impromptu plans that just came together so perfectly…

The sun was setting and there was a cool fog and I just felt like we needed to get out of the house and go see the last sunset of the new year, together as a family. We already knew that our NYE plans would be low key this year after the babysitter situation didn’t come together, and to be honest, I was perfectly fine with that. Sometimes when you don’t put any pressure on “making perfect memories” that you give yourself the space to actually have those cherished moments happen.


So we just sat in the sand and said goodbye to the last day of 2017 together. It was really nice. Cal had some sand trucks that kept him busy and I had a surprise FaceTime come through from a good friend. Brent then read a few of his favorite verses. It really was relaxing and perfect.

Afterwards we walked over to Playa Provisions which is one of my favorite little spots on the beach. It’s like a sandy, saltier version of a fine dining restaurant and a hip instagram filter crossed together. There’s a perfect half out-door patio with fire pits and blankets –and they serve all sorts of great whisky and cocktails, along with some beach side favorites such as king crab legs, clam chowder, and of course, a good surf and turf.


We got really lucky and were able to sneak in with no reservations even though it was all decorated for a private party happening later that night. One of the benefits of having a toddler is that you know you will be done and finished with dinner in about one hour flat, so your table is an easy turn on a busy night.


We finished the night with their delicious homemade ice-cream — Cal couldn’t believe mom and dad actually let him eat an entire cone himself. He was in heaven and kept telling us how much ice cream makes him happy. I love how simple life is for children.

I literally couldn’t be happier with the evening myself. We have each other, we have our health, we have so many things to be grateful for. I am embracing 2018 for all the change I know it will bring. It has some mystery as to what’s up it’s sleeve for me and my favorite people, but bring it on. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be!

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