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No, my kitchen is not this clean


I love my crew of girl friends, they are smart, funny, loyal, and sharp as hawks — and they totally called me out about my instagram posts looking altogether too pretty.

You see, they know the state of my kitchen, and no, it’s not perfectly picked up and organized and shining. They know the state of my house, God love them, and they KNOW I picked things up in that one little corner of the house before that photo was snapped. So that little square frame that you see on instagram looks effortless, but really it was me rushing around sweating and pushing toys and dishes and who knows what else to the side, to get that one pretty little shot.


So don’t be fooled, my mess is just as messy as the rest of you. We are all just messes together, and I mean that about my house, and my emotional state, and my fitness, and my marriage, and my motherhood skills. Messes everywhere, all the time.

And the reason I post the pretty is actually very simple — I decided to blog and speak about real life and real stuff I’m going through, like infertility for one, and marriage struggles for two, (will get to that later), and addictions, and you know, just the hard stuff that goes on — that is usually glossed over with a lovely veneer of perfection. But people are drawn to the illusion of perfection, they click the image hoping it’s reality, hoping that one day it will rub off on them. But it it doesn’t really exist. It’s just a hoax. An illusion, a fantasy. So I will post the pretty because I know that’s what people want to see, that’s what they click on. I mean, I’ve got all these new people following me and I don’t even know who the heck they are, so there must be something they keep coming back for?!?

And if they keep coming back and I have a chance to keep it real with them, and maybe my painful story of infertility, or something else vulnerable that I share, helps someone else struggling, then YES! That is success to me. That is fulfilling, and that is what this blog should be all about.

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Photography by Tessa Neustadt and MaeWood Photography


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