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What if God were a genie in a bottle?


If God was a genie in a bottle, what would you ask him for?

No, I’m serious, just go there for a moment with me. Go ahead. Write down your wish list. Here is mine:

  • A set of twins
  • Health and happiness for all my friends and family.
  • A ski chalet in Aspen
  • The squishy tire around my mid section gone

I know it’s ridiculous — y’all are lucky you don’t have to share your list (behind your screens) because I’m sure there are a few things on there that would be pretty embarrassing too 😉


When you are done writing your list, what if God said to you, “Okay, done, I will grant it all. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. YOUR. WISHES.

And then God asked what you would do FOR HIM in exchange for everything he just did for you. What do you think he would want from you?

And what if you were brave enough and bold enough to live like that now, today…..even without having all your wishes granted?


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