Hello! Welcome!

In a world full of opinions, confusion and chaos, I hope this page is a landing place to be safe, honest and real.

I hope to nurture this space to become a community for women to come together in an effort to support, empower and encourage each other in their journey toward building their forever family. A forever family to me is a place of contentment and completion — a complete family; the version you see in our mind’s eye.

I think many of us have an idea of what this might look like from a very young age. And many, I would even say MOST of us, may find that the journey to be not at all like what we envisioned it.

But this journey is what it’s all about. This journey is real life.

Maybe you, like me, have struggled in your marriage. Maybe you, like me, have struggled to get pregnant. Maybe you have had multiple miscarriages, maybe you have had unexplained infertility, maybe you have had IVF, and had a child, but then struggled to have a second, like me. Maybe you have adopted a child, maybe you have used a surrogate, maybe you have adopted an embryo, or donated an egg. Maybe the children you have are beautiful and perfect but not in the way you originally thought those words meant. Whatever your journey has been to find your forever family, I would love to connect to you! We need to talk. We need to be open and honest and raw and real. Let’s throw off the shroud of secrecy and join hands in love and support of each other’s choices and journeys.

I shared here a little about my own personal struggle with infertility and loss, and why I named my blog Tiny Tow Heads. And I plan to share more. Much more. I feel my 5-year journey has taught me a lot, and I also have a lot to learn, from you, from all of us on this journey together. So you can expect to read a lot about my struggle with infertility, but written from a place of hope and encouragement, because, well, I believe that there can still be joy and beauty no matter what the outcome. And I don’t say this lightly because I am very much aware of many of the outcomes, and that they may not look so joyous to the casual observer. But God wants us to find joy, and it’s there — clarity, peace and joy.

So yes, this blog is meant to share hope and joy, as well as real, honest struggles, with a side of fun things like clothes, house décor and well, motherhood — and all that comes with it. So welcome! Glad to have you!

I’m so glad you stopped by!

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